Butterfly World

On the Route 44 near Klapmuts, branching off the N1 you will find the World of Butterflies, or known as the Butterfly World.

Here are thousands of free flying butterflies kept; it is the largest in Southern Africa. The park opened in November 1996.
Stunning landscaping, water features and exotic plants providing the perfect home for
the butterflies and they will happily circle around and even sit on you. Apart from butterflies even exotic birds and free ranging monkeys are present, this makes
the place ideal for the whole family.

An absolute must for photographers, who will nowhere but here to have a change to take professional close up shots of these beautiful creatures.  There is a small coffee garden where you can have refreshments and something small to eat. At the craft shop butterfly related goods are available.

Trading hours are 9 to 5, except in June, July, and August opening hours are 10 to 4

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 21 875 5628
Fax: +27 21 875 5230

Rates (subject to change)
R28 / adult, R15 / child and R70 / family of 2 adults plus 2 children 

showing off it's colours at the butterfly world 


Unique see thru butterfly 


beautiful close up shot 


Monkey at the Butterfly World 


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