The mission was established in March 1808 as a result of an invitation extended to the Moravians by the then Governor, Lord Caledon.

He invited them to create in the area a work similar to their highly successful activity at genadendal near Caledon. They erected a church, a school and water mill, and laid out the present picturesque settlement of white-walled, black thatched cottages.

With fertile and well-watered fields available for cultivation, Mamre in due course attracted a population of over 2000 resident Coloured people. Today it remains the home of many families.

The place is a favorite resort for artists and photographers. The cottages, garden, parsonage and church retain their original charm and it is a pleasure to walk through the lanes and streets.

However the place is in desperate need of renovation, and hopefully funds will soon be available to restore Mamre to its former glory. 


Restored to it's former glory


Humbly awaiting Restoration 


Building under slow restoration process  


Thatch newly restored 


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