The weather and climate in the Cape region

South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere of the earth and therefore has the opposite seasons than the northern hemisphere.  Cape Town has got a moderate subtropical climate, but no extreme weather fluctuations. It resembles the climate of the Mediterranean.

the summer is usually warm with dry weather, which is very pleasant During the summer months from December to March the temperatures are in Cape Town and in the coastal areas around  26-28 degrees Celsius.

In the Little Karoo, the temperatures can rise to over 40 degrees. Occasionally - if the wind does not come from the west or the south - temperatures can rise  in Cape Town up to 32-35 degrees,  but it is extremely rare. Temperature dips - as in the European summers - does not happen in Cape Town at all.

In winter, the low-pressure areas bring- with its westerly winds - the rain to Cape Town. This is usually not very severe and often not lasting. The vegetation and especially the wine rejoices, so that in the following spring everything is green and flourishing. Temperatures in winter rarely drop below 5 degrees, In most cases, however, daytime temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees

The water temperatures are in Cape Town - Cape of Good Hope - generally very variable, relatively cold and also vary considerably between the east and west side of the Cape Peninsula.

Here, the cold Benguela (from the Antarctica) and the warm Agulhas current (from the Indian Ocean) meet.  If the bathers enjoy on the east side (at 20 degrees water temperature) water, the 
temperatures could be on the west side  only 15 degrees. 

In the winter months storms rule  the west coast,  while only 15 kilometers away in the False Bay, the water is calm. This phenomenon is a bonus for divers who can change quickly their territory.


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The South Easter wind poundering the Cable Way Station 


Fog creping over Lion's Head 


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