Carnival in Cape Town

The Carnival - Coon Carnival - held every year on 1 and 2 January in the city of Cape Town. Its origin is from the Carnival party in 1834, when slavery was officially adopted in South Africa.
After the abolition of slavery, they became wage slaves. On the 2 of January the “ wage slaves “ did get a day off. This special day is still celebrated today in Cape Town.

Every 1st January of the year the ”coons” enter a competition at the Cape Town Stadium, here the best costumes and orchestras are awarded. On the following day at 10 clock, the Carnival begins through downtown Cape Town. With trumpets, colorful umbrellas, loud whistles and colorful costumes. Many families from Cape Town spend hours on the roadside and wait for the big carnival parade to arrive.

The Coons starting to march 


Showing off his best look 






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