Welcome to Cape Town

Cape Town is a holiday seekers paradise, a visit to this vibrant city,which circles the iconic Table Mountain is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable, fantastic experiences of a lifetime.

Cape Town offers fun, adventure and an assortment of attractions all in a breathtaking geographical setting framed by mountains and two oceans. It also boasts a multitude of entertainment ranging from outdoor activities to adventure in the sun to a roaring nightlife under the neon signs.

Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, music and dance.
It is filled with many scenic wonders,superlative seascapes and panoramic vistas.

Stunning, white, sandy beaches frame the Cape Peninsula, which is famed for its amazing floral kingdom.
The Mother City will engulf you with spectacular beaches, exiting nightlife and abundance of character and charm.

The City is a rare cultural gem, resulting from amalgamation of the slaves from the East, French, Dutch, British and German settlers, the local San and Khoi tribes and the African tribes from the North. 

This makes Cape Town and the rest of the provinces the most sought after holiday destination in the wold.

For the visitor who is staying for the first time in Cape Town, could prove to be a problem as there are so many attractions to be seen.
The city centre is small, compact and has a fascinating mix of architectural styles, including the Dutch and English colonial influenced architecture, which is wedged inbetween modern skyscrapers.
A cable car takes you to the summit of a constant landmark  - Table Mountain

Table Mountain

The ride with the Cable Car to the top of Table Mountain takes just six minutes, on the way up the car rotates 360 degrees.
Once on top, trails lead more than two kilometers long on the mountain range from where one gets breathtaking view's of the city and the sea.

A popular option is to buy only a single ticket, and then climb down the mountain (or up)  - although visitors should be very careful. The local mountain rescue conducts each year more than 100 rescues, mainly for tourists.
The pathways on the mountain are poorly signposted, some of which lead to pure rock cliffs. Hikers should always have bad weather clothing with (the weather can change within minutes), water, food and possibly a cell phone for emergencies.
The Summit Bistro is by far the best place in Africa for an evening drink with indescribable views.

Cape Town, view from Signal Hill 


 With the Cable Car up Table Mountain


 A view from Table Mountain


 1086 Mtr. above Cape Town

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