The World of Birds is the creation of Walter Mangold.

Always dedicated to wild life, he acquired land in Hout bay and commenced breeding birds.

In 1974 he had the misfortune of going into liquidation. He lost his land but kept his beloved birds.

He leased fresh land close to his original breeding site. With no transport except a wheelbarrow, he moved his remaining possessions, birds and cages, to the new site.

It took a full year of labour to get the venture going, struggling to feed the birds, pay innumerable bills.

Then dogs broke in to the cages one night killing or maiming three quarters of the birds. This was about the final blow.

The kindness of neighbours. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, alone gave him the strength to continue with his dream. They erected a security fence for the protection of the park.

He worked day by day in building cages and creating the present World of Birds.
The setting is lush. Squirrel, monkeys play with visitors, delightful families of meerkats pose for the Photographer only with a slightly disapproving look.

The Birds are elegant and friendly, like the black swans, or the proud Secretary Bird. The aviaries are so large that visitors can walk freely trough them, mingling with the birds and mammals in a landscaped garden setting.

Over 3 500 Birds of 450 different species, South African and exotic, can be seen there along with a community of amusing little mammals.

Many of the birds are free to come and go as they please.

Open every day of the year from 09.00 to 17.00.
Photographers are welcome. Plan at least half a day for your visit

Phone Cape Town 021 790 27 30

 get the feel of a Tortoise


A newcomer - the Alpaca from South America 


two curious looking Parrots 


 carefully watching Owl


The proud Eagle 


Always in the mix - the Ostrich 


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